Reviews for "*- Revelation -*"


Nice song , nice beat. 4/5 , 8/10.

Looking forward to hearing some of your other songs.

- B4gle

Jebbal responds:

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Thanks for the review! But I think you meant to give me a 5 and a 10!! We all make mistakes!

Wow, this is impressive

I've got this feeling I've heard the tune before, though, because this one string of notes keeps making me think of another song. Is this a remix of something or completely original?

Jebbal responds:

It's completely original! What song does it make you think of? Or don't you know the exact song just sounds familiar? I'm Joey Vitale, what don't you understand about that? Cunt, GET your stomach pumped!

Very Nice

Smooth and awesome beat, Good job!

Jebbal responds:

lol who is this. you just made an account today, im pretty sure you know me...

Very Good Beat

Nice work dude, I dont know why but this reminds me of Megaman 2 for the NES.

Jebbal responds:

Well I guess there's only one thing left to do then. Go plug in your NES and play some Megaman 2 while you listen to this song! If you have an orgasm then you're probably wild. Sorry!

incredible, no words

this is incredible
this almost matches up with djnate
i love the melody and beat
definately one of my favs
i mean wut can u say to someone who does such a good job in all aspects of a song

Jebbal responds:

Now you're a hero. You managed to beat the whole damn game! We're happy you made it, but how are you gonna spend the rest of this day? Maybe watch a video? Maybe press refresh and start again?