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Good Song

Jebbal responds:

Good Review

*Bouncing head*

Nice! I'm a picky Dance d00d, but you had no problem with impressing me with this. ^ ^ Keep it up, I'll look forward to seeing your next audios. ^ ~

Jebbal responds:

You son of a bitch stop being so picky. People like you make me sick to my stomach. Due only to the fact that you were impressed, I won't give you a ding-whop. Oh! Should I keep it up?? Ok I'll try! Thanks for looking forward to my next audios! Someone's gotta do it!

Hey Tax deducations.....

the song is awsome....also i love your responses they make me crack...keep up the good always stressful work!

Jebbal responds:

Tap Roots is a 1948 period film set during the American Civil War, made by Walter Wanger Productions and Universal International Pictures. It was directed by George Marshall and produced by Walter Wanger from a screenplay by Alan Le May, based on the 1942 novel Tap Roots by James H. Street, with additional dialogue by Lionel Wiggam. The original music was by Frank Skinner and the cinematography by Winton C. Hoch and Lionel Lindon.

Thanks for the review! I like to make you crack! This work sure is good and stressful!


You've outdone yourself on this one. its great. keep it up!

Jebbal responds:

You've outdone yourself with this review! I never would have expected something like this from you! You of all people!! Thank you for saying "its great" and that I should "keep it up!". It means a lot to me! You're the second greatest! Rock on mother fucker!!


I think this will have to be the best song ive heard today

Jebbal responds:

This will have to be the best review I've read all day! Nice work! I give this review 10 out of 10!