Reviews for "*- Revelation -*"


An Great Song!!!! So Smooth, So intense, the beats just wan2 make me go crazy!!!!! maby even start a rager!!!!!! anyways PIMP ass song!!!!!!!! keep up the dankidg work!!!!!!!!!=)

Jebbal responds:

You can't fool me! I know who you really are!

Wow man

great, i loved it

Jebbal responds:

I think everyone will agree with me saying you need to attack right flank!


^^ wow someone made a song like this? You must be like Jesus or something.
Well heres a 10 for ya ^^

Jebbal responds:

You can't fool me! I know who you are! I'll see you on Saturday!

Don't Worry

Don't worry NFilut43, the first time i listened to this song the same thing happened to me. I was able to fully recover and write this review. It is an excellent song and I was glad that it was the one to cause my pain. Good luck to you NFilut43, have a speedy recovery.

Jebbal responds:

I don't mean to brag, but I'm the man. I know it is a Thursday evening, however, I find it my duty to let the educational public know about certain dangers around us. A flock of retired astroturfers are heading right toward Strongsville High School. They look happy, but they've probably just turned their frowns upside down. In other words...

Da da-la daaa daaa daaa!!


As I listened to this song, I could only think of one thing. Absolutely nothing. This song filled my mind and sapped my memory. Im writing this review from my hospital bed right now. The nurses said im not doing so well, that your song left me in a semi-veggitated state. I may not have much longer to live, so please make more songs like this masterpiece.

-----This song will always be in my heart.

Jebbal responds:

Well I always hoped this song would kill somebody! Could you be that person? I'd sure like to say so! No hard feelings, though, right? Afterall, anybody should be willing to die after they've heard this song. There's not much more to life!

Thanks for the review, cunt!