Reviews for "*- Revelation -*"

great song:)

so, i hear you need a review :P well, nice job, i like this.. fun and catchy, but not too bouncy.
good stuff!

Jebbal responds:

Yes yes yes!! Reviews are my favorite! Thank you very much wketkye!! You're my favorite!

Fun and catchy is always good. Its like a box of toasted mini wheats.

Thanks for the review!


this was a great song, i liked how all the notes came together to make this perfect melody. *adds song to favorites list* keep making this kind of stuff, cause its awsome :)

Jebbal responds:

You are a wild person! Thanks for all those kind words! I'm flattered!

I love it when all the notes come together, sometimes they just don't know their place and the song gets ruined. Luckily that didn't happen during the production of REVELATION!

Thank you for reviewing!


This song is the reason I will never have kids.
You want to know why? Well I once prayed to god, and I said "God, if I were to become interested in any form of techno, I will cut off my own ball sack with a katana".
Now I am waiting for this to song download as I am sharpening my ancient Japanese sword.
Keep up the great work.

Jebbal responds:

Why do so many people review my music like 10 seconds after making their account


tadatadatadatadata! i just wana SING THE WHOLE SONG THRU!!!!
love it love it!
keeps you pumping! CHAZZAH!!!!!!!!!

Jebbal responds:

Thanks! Let me know when you're birthday is so I can send you some manga!! YOU LOVE THAT STUFF!

God Like

No Questions or shit needed to say about this song. Its one of the most SICKIST SONG MAN! PUMPS me up man! This is That good of a song. Recommended all Techno fanatics to listen to dis shit. THIS some good shit man.

Jebbal responds:

You are the silliest person I've ever met! Thanks for the review!

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