Reviews for "Xtrullor - Catharsis"

Great piece Xtrulor.

By the way i wrote "The Xtrullor story". Enjoy XD.
Xtrullor the god allowed me to live with him because i liked his face. One day in the midnight i woke up and went to the kitchen but the fridge was empty. Then X came and said he ate everything. I got a chemical rage and attacked him, but he put on his armor of god and made a supernova from me. But karma hit him and his ichor started to spill everywhere. His ego died and he became a dropping fish. He no longer was so free.

When I first heard this yesterday with old headphones that are super shity I was like: -_-. Now with new headset Im like: good gosh this is PERFECT!

Such an awesome and creative intro! How do you come up with these things?! Keep up your amazing work!

Dude. I freaking love the song. It is the greatest masterpiece i have ever heard. Can I please use the song in a upcoming game of mine? All rights to the song and all credit to the song would go to you.

One of the greatest songs and drops on NG I've ever heard