Reviews for "Xtrullor - Catharsis"

Great piece Xtrulor.

By the way i wrote "The Xtrullor story". Enjoy XD.
Xtrullor the god allowed me to live with him because i liked his face. One day in the midnight i woke up and went to the kitchen but the fridge was empty. Then X came and said he ate everything. I got a chemical rage and attacked him, but he put on his armor of god and made a supernova from me. But karma hit him and his ichor started to spill everywhere. His ego died and he became a dropping fish. He no longer was so free.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The first twenty seconds or so don't really add to the song. I can see what you were trying to accomplish, but it didn't really serve any purpose other than introducing an atmosphere, which you don't really feel throughout the song like in most of your other songs. I think it takes away more than it adds.

The intro is pretty solid (aside from the ambience). It's clearly from a point of view and it sounds like you're walking into a large room. Good job on the placement and the realism there. Even though the ambience didn't work for me, you did a good job making it fit regardless.

I really love the texture at 0:31. The plucks really create an interesting sound in combination with everything else. The percussion elements are a bit too dry in contrast to everything else. I'm not a fan of reverb on percussion, but I think there are places where it's appropriate, and the snare could have used some of it. I'm not crazy about the glitch/water effects here either. Sure they fill a bit of space, but they kind of get to a point where they're somewhat confusing, however I think that's just my personal preference.

The build has some nice lower sounds which help darken the feel. The atmosphere is alright here compared to the beginning. The strings could use some reverb, as they sound dry compared to the other instruments.

The drop isn't what I expected, but I suppose it fits. Great job mixing everything here, nothing is too distracting or too quiet. The new instruments help keep me interested without doing anything too insane. In my opinion, the changes in the dynamics were a tiny bit sudden, but I can't think of any way to do them differently, so I won't let it affect my rating.

The end wasn't as satisfying as I had hoped, but I'm guessing that's what you were going for. I, personally, would have probably added something with more of a transient to it, but everyone has different tastes.

I probably would have done a few things differently with this song, especially dealing with the ambience. There are some sections where the ambience was well done, and some sections where it dragged on or took away from the song. The mixing was pretty good, aside from some instruments sounding dry compared to everything else, causing them to stick out. The instrumentation was great, and you guys did a good job doing something different from your original styles. Keep up the great work!


Very atmospheric, sounds so badass too. Gives a feel like they are getting ready for something big then WHAM, it all hits them at once and they either surrender or fight on!

The guitar is so beautiful, it compliments the bass and drums perfectly like a puzzle, digging it~

It was a pretty good track overall, but I do have to agree wi th ForceReconSniper. It seemed pretty short. But it is a really great song, and I like it.