Reviews for "Xtrullor - Catharsis"


writing this as i listen

ooh, asmr intro

hell yeah that piano, nice af chords

nice whispering in the background, it adds more depth :)

gotta love the strings

1;17, maybe make the guitar or whatever a little more clear, i cant hear the chords very well. maybe its the muddiness, couldve been eq'd i guess

1:45 hell yeah, more orchestral parts

overall this is really short, but there are a lot of litle touches that make it really nice :D

This is pretty awesome and well produced, but I personally prefer Nirmiti (my review on that was pretty dumb tho :/ ). Nirmiti in my opinion has a mind-blowing atmosphere compared to this. And there are none of your signature (and headphone annihilating) alien wobbles! ;-;
It's a good song, but not really your best work.

"If Goukisan had good mixing"

I will be honest, the first section of the song is pointless, and is just there to seem "professional" in a weird way, but the useless ambiance comes off as pretentious "deep" sampling that doesn't need to be there. The Large chimes of the tubular bells could be better blended with the song, and the piano around 00:45 sound s pretty un-mixed. one of your lesser songs.

Its good. I like the ambience, I like the atmosphere. It just feels a bit...lacking, after Universal Expression. Also it feels wayyyy too short