Reviews for "Xtrullor - Catharsis"

Amazing! The strings and piano go so well with each other. It has an epic vibe and is over too soon.

This song is really good!I absolutely love the drop.Its not very sloppy and it blends in real nice with the piano before.I also enjoy the fact you put some real life sounds at the start.It really brought out what was happening in the piece.Overall this is is a wonderful song and I definitely can't wait to see what you bring to us next.I would like to see more songs like this in the future because they really show how talented you are!I also would like to see some more music with other creators!But for now I really like what you are doing and you should definitely continue!Thanks so much! :D

Good one

Personally, I think it's a great piece. Very ambient and epic. However, the reason I don't give this five stars is because I believe it lacks some of the things that makes you what you are. The piano and strings are very well harmonized, but I feel that the drop was somewhat lacking. It didn't have that usual heavy beat to it, and it felt somewhat empty. It's a lot less chaotic, which may be a good thing, who knows. Also, I feel like you just ended the song before something amazing. Further, my biggest problem is that this piece feels lacking and empty. More layers of samples and beats in sections like the drop and the buildup would have made this piece incredible.

I like the footsteps FX and atmosphere at the beginning. Great ambience and character in this piece. The piece is a little slow to develop, but I like the sense of climax into 1:15. The melodies are a little simplistic, but effective. I also wanted to hear the strings come through the mix a little more clearly at 1:23. My main problem with the piece is that it’s not really structurally complete, though. It seemed like you were in the midst of beginning a really emotional breakdown or bridge when the piece just ended. I think you really missed out on an opportunity to make this piece the full-length epic that the excellent atmosphere and sound design deserve. Solid work regardless. Keep it up, guys! ;)