Reviews for "Xtrullor - Catharsis"

Epic indeed. I'll always enjoy some good orchestral rock

This one is kinda like Terran Era, in the sense that the are short, have one drop, and start out pretty calmly. But I think this one is much better because the drop here is well organized and put together, while Terran Era just feels like random effects and sounds put together over a piece of orchestral music.

Holy hell, you two. You guys pumped out ANOTHER amazing collab, and oh my god is this amazing <3 I'm suprissed you guys didn't add a drop in this masterpiece :3 ~Skiddle

Pretty nice overall. I like that door sound in the beginning, perhaps a throwback to Screamroom? Anyways nice track.

You did an amazing job on this! Real sounds immediately drag one into the mood and make one's ears ready for the music itself, it sets very deep theme and the actual composition sounds even more wonderful with this intro. Your orchestral dubstep is brilliant as always and even more, HeliXiX' sounds add greatly to the track. And I'm still under impression of that intro, it sounds like something from Spaze's Magic album which I've enjoyed a lot. Good luck at the Deathmatch, you two are truly worthy and fitting opponents!