Reviews for "Xtrullor - Catharsis"

Gotta say, I wasnt a huge fan of the first about 17 seconds. It didn't really add anything to the song. Also for being a cinematic piece, it was waaaay too quiet. I did get the epic feel yall were going for but the lack of volume took away from the blow me away awesomeness you were going for. I did love the epic guitar though.
Overall I am gonna have to give it to F-777. I really enjoyed this collab but it just didnt have the spark I thought it needed to make it download worthy. Hell of a job though yall, love what ya do, and keep it up!



OMG the atmosphere... this is so good. The piano part at the begining is really interesting. The is great too. In the song F-777 the melody is really interesring but i dont really like the a bit heavy so you win this battle ;) 5/5 F-777 4/5

This is really nice, as I would expect from either of you, of course, but I can't resist nitpicking at the fact that some of the elements in the former half of the song seem like they combat one another and collide in a brash way. For the most part, it's well composed, especially in the latter half, but those collisions in the beginning take away the value it could've had.
On top of that, it felt a little bit unfinished, and I can totally understand why, I mean, you guys made a song from scratch in such little time for the NGADM thing, and collaborating with other artists is definitely difficult and more time consuming than making an individual track.
I feel like F-777 wins this one, mainly because his track sounds more smooth and altogether more finished. However, that doesn't change the fact that I still do love both of you as artists.

F-777 wins. Sorry.

This is REALLY quiet, except the "drop", and this just sounds like one of those songs on a movie trailer. The part I liked was that I heard (although way too quietly) an aggressive-sounding guitar that I grew to enjoy from other artists.

I love the piano at the begging. And some of bass before the drop. I hope you guys win the death match frank. But the fact that F-777's submission was pretty good too. Well, he is pretty big person in fact. Well, good luck! :)