Reviews for "Vaeltaja"

Hi world. Welcome to heaven. Yeah I couldn't stay sober last night so I went to bed early. Sorry. You did phenomenal job. :)

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

That's quite alright! You got the description you wanted, hehhe :D
I'm glad you like the final version ^___^

Hey guys! I really enjoyed your track and liked especially the great athmosphere of lonelyness you have created. The part after 1:32 is really great and epic. Well done :D Which choir did you use here? The transition at 2:11 also is very nice. Something doesnt work with the piano after 2:11 some notes didnt fit in well somehow. What i really liked here is that you combined quite many different feels in this track and tried to make it an interesting journey for the listener. I have been entertained well guys! Keep up being creative and trying to find new approaches. This is always something that gives your evolution as an artist a boost. So just go for it!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Hey there! Thank you very much for your nice review :)
1:32 made most of the cool things in this part! We even removed the piano from there, to emphasise it :D
Perhaps you already suspected it, but the choir used was Storm Choir xD

As for the piano at 2:11, perhaps you feel it's a bit off because the rhythm is a bit more active than the string melody that's in focus? I get where you're coming from there. Interesting side note, we used a fair amount of dissonance in select places in this piece, but we felt it worked quite well :3

A journey is quite exactly right! The title of the piece means "The Wanderer"! It's cool that that is apparently conveyed through the music ^ ^

It's also fantastic that you've been entertained by our creation, since in the end, after conveying atmospheres and stories, music is there to entertain. We'll do our best to stay creative! Same to you, Chris!


Good job guys. Singing is great, I thought its LSD singing lol.

I've been listening SnowTeddy's stuff so expected it to later evolve to super dark cinematic for maximum competition (dun dun dun dun brr) but great track nonetheless, a switch from the dark side is healthy sometimes

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Yeah, the real dark tones wouldn't really have fit what we were going for this time. Perhaps in a future collab ;)

We're really glad you liked out work! Thank you for reviewing :D

P.S. I wish I was that good at singing ^___^

:'D I feel sorry for whoever is judging this. But I guess since EtherealWinds contributed part of himself to this song, and your team did likewise with his, everybody wins.^^ This is super gorgeous work, boys! Your talents blend very well together. I think this is actually the first time I've heard a collab from you and SnowTeddy and it's definitely a treat to hear - no matter how the competition goes, really hoping you get to work on more stuff in the future together and share it with us all! :3

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you very much, Lindsey!

And yes. Everybody winning is exactly what we were going for ^___^
We're super glad that you like our joined work :3

We've actually collaborated a fair amount in the past! I don't mean to force a track upon you, but if you're interested you can check out or first official collab:


We certainly are planning on working together in the future more, no matter how things go :D
Thanks again for the lovely words!

I downloaded this and listened on CD while at work so I can give it several more listens before I said anything. The imagery that keeps coming to mind when listening to it is a panoramic view rolling over several different landscapes. This is a bit like a baroque piece in the sense that the music keeps on going without any pauses in between phrases. I also think it's brilliant that you and etherealwinds swapped audio. This makes me think that Versilian Studios has to create an Etherealwinds library soon. Oh and that melodious violin at 2:10 is quite beautiful and catchy. It an ambitious piece with a lot of variety. You've mentioned how some of my music would fly by without realizing how many minutes have passed, but I say that's what happens exactly with this piece you two created here.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

We appreciate you taking the time to not only listen to the piece, but think about it too before you comment!

It's always great to hear that people get their imaginations flowing when listening to one's music. It seems that your imagery fits the theme of the piece quite well, considering the meaning of the name, and our thoughts while making it!
The melody at 2:10 was made by us both ^___^

Although Jordi suggested the idea, we had already thought of it individually, because of the circumstances. Unfortunately, we actualized it so late that SnowTeddy didn't get a good change to record anything.

And Etherealwinds library would indeed be something everyone should want :O!

As for the time flying by, we're really glad that you felt that way listening to this. We were actually literally just talking about you, and your music ;)
Thanks for listening, and for reviewing!