Reviews for "Vaeltaja"

Good job guys. Singing is great, I thought its LSD singing lol.

I've been listening SnowTeddy's stuff so expected it to later evolve to super dark cinematic for maximum competition (dun dun dun dun brr) but great track nonetheless, a switch from the dark side is healthy sometimes

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Yeah, the real dark tones wouldn't really have fit what we were going for this time. Perhaps in a future collab ;)

We're really glad you liked out work! Thank you for reviewing :D

P.S. I wish I was that good at singing ^___^

Hey guys! I really enjoyed your track and liked especially the great athmosphere of lonelyness you have created. The part after 1:32 is really great and epic. Well done :D Which choir did you use here? The transition at 2:11 also is very nice. Something doesnt work with the piano after 2:11 some notes didnt fit in well somehow. What i really liked here is that you combined quite many different feels in this track and tried to make it an interesting journey for the listener. I have been entertained well guys! Keep up being creative and trying to find new approaches. This is always something that gives your evolution as an artist a boost. So just go for it!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Hey there! Thank you very much for your nice review :)
1:32 made most of the cool things in this part! We even removed the piano from there, to emphasise it :D
Perhaps you already suspected it, but the choir used was Storm Choir xD

As for the piano at 2:11, perhaps you feel it's a bit off because the rhythm is a bit more active than the string melody that's in focus? I get where you're coming from there. Interesting side note, we used a fair amount of dissonance in select places in this piece, but we felt it worked quite well :3

A journey is quite exactly right! The title of the piece means "The Wanderer"! It's cool that that is apparently conveyed through the music ^ ^

It's also fantastic that you've been entertained by our creation, since in the end, after conveying atmospheres and stories, music is there to entertain. We'll do our best to stay creative! Same to you, Chris!


oh so you guys went celtic too? this is like the anti soundchris satera matchup, where everyone just did the same thing rofl

very very beautiful instrumentation

i think it suffers from lack of a coherent theme and little in the way of sections/breakdowns.

the etherealwinds vocals and melody at the end are an 11/10 though. you could build an entire song around them. that chord at 3:45 is absolutely beautiful (reminds me of elliott smith, and of course etherealwinds sounds a good bit like that guy lol)

unexpected xenoblade at 2:09 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OxpAqDc4JE

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Yeah! We thought it would be a bit poetic to go for a celtic style considering our opponent. Ofc, SnowTeddy and LSD style :D

I'll buy your argument about the breakdown. Even if it's a pretty high energy piece (though we decided not to use epic percussion, as it would really ruin the mood), a more full break would probably be nice. Then again, I think this way, the end part is more effective! And I don't think everything needs to be structured like an EDM piece, but we've had that discussion before ;)

That said, I don't feel like there isn't a coherent theme! It's not always at the forefront, but I recommend you relisten and pay closer attention :D
Mayhaps the main theme running throughout could be made more obvious, but as the title suggests and SoundChris noted, the track wasn't really made to portray only one mood; it's more of a journey (The title, btw, Means "The Wanderer)".
If you're interested, you can listen to the piano version I'm planning on making a bit later. I think the underlying structure will be more clear without all the orchestra on top ;)

That chord is at 2:50 too (different key), but it's fairly well hidden (I think the orchestra doesn't play one of the notes, so it's only heard in the felt piano, probably a bit to the right side of the mix); I wanted to emphasise the intricacies of the piano more at the end part, with two of the three main melodies. The third one would be the string melody at 2:09, including the minor version which comes right after (and has the main melody underlying too :D).

As for Jordi's vocals, he recorded them in like 10 minutes or less, but he did it so well! It was easy to combine them into the end part. It would probably be a bit over the top to use them for the whole track though, concidering the circumstance, haha ^___^
I agree it would sound awesome though :O

Thanks for the critique! I'll have a listen to your (and ES's) piece a bit later when I have more time. I look forward to it :D

P.S. Interesting how a couple of years ago, you also pointed me in the direction of Xenoblade during the NGADM (that time because of the percussion). Also, yeah! There's a cool similarity there, though I've never heard that track (That melody was made by SnowTeddy; it's simple enough that I'm sure it's a coincidence). Good luck! Jopefully your opponent will submit a piece soon O.o

Hi world. Welcome to heaven. Yeah I couldn't stay sober last night so I went to bed early. Sorry. You did phenomenal job. :)

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

That's quite alright! You got the description you wanted, hehhe :D
I'm glad you like the final version ^___^