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Reviews for "The Adventures of Kincaid (Public Wolf Build 2020-05)"

AMAZING!!! although i do have some issues with it:

the keybinding settings would exclusively keybind everything to "A"

there's a room that has thorn vines over an acid pool and it was annoying to go over there just to get one hit.
the fire traps were totally fine and i felt it was my fault as a player for not seeing them EXCEPT when they were off screen and i was hit with a flurry of fire while mid jump - maybe they dont fire until they're on screen or a danger indicator idk.

I thought the wolf fight was near-flawless, i can't think of any changes for it other than an iffy hitbox with his counter-attack or it could have been a hurt box with the players jumping sprite.

one of my biggest gripes is also one of my main praises - the platforming. the platforming and sprite work were solid which only made the short comings all the more glaring. it caught me out more than once when climbing a ladder that i would have to come to a stop if i wanted to jump, not a big issue by any means but i did catch me out.
there were also some areas where the platform layout was strange; near the start there was a section of three platforms over thorns and i was unable to jump from the thorns to the middle platform - small issue. there was also a section with a button on the celing and the platforms were super close together and hidden by a screen transition which just made it annoying to get past.

other than that i think a map (that you already replied to a comment about), more save points would be nice, removing the slowing down after a roll to help with a fast pace feel, i think directional attacks in the air would be super cool as i feel it would help unify the platforming and combat mechanics.

sorry for writing a lot of issues that i had but its because i would absolutely pay for this game when it comes out on steam and i think it has so much damn potential. i never usually write reviews, let alone a long one, buti really enjoyed this game and i cant wait for future updates

Ok so your telling me its a platformer beat em up with grate animation and elements of SEXING
Ill take your entire stock

changing rooms in the "death" animation softlocks the game

wow. this is an INCREDIBLE platformer in it's own right, porn features are just a great bonus. I'd love to see where it all goes, keep up the amazing work.

If you're going to make a porn game, please make it one hand accessible for reasons that should be obvious, and if it's not inherently one handed, please make the keybinding work so that anyone may actually make it one handed.

That being said, the rest of this game is good. Great art, scenes, scene writing, and nice style that I enjoy. The one music track in this game is good, though it is one track.

Overall, It's a good game in development, though it's functionality as a porn game is severely hindered by it's current two-handed nature.