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Reviews for "The Adventures of Kincaid (Public Wolf Build 2020-05)"

Good game, but way too hard

I love the artstyle, and the way it controlls, the platforming and fighting is very satisfying. Looking foward to see more of this game !

Great game.
Though instead of having to get stunned and hurt in order to initiate sex. It should be a reward you can initiate after you beat up the enemy. So that way you are not punished for doing it and want to keep playing.

This review may seem quite harsh for a furry porn game, but The Adventures of Kincaid is being marketed as a legitimate, full-fledged game (evidenced by the fact that theyre trying to sell it on steam), and thus it will be reviewed as such.

This game is just a bad metroidvania that tries to get carried by pandering to the furry community and putting in unneccesary porn.

The most important thing of any game is that first and foremost, it should be fun. This game succeeds slightly moreso than several other porn games which have come before it, however, most of those weren't even attempting to be games, or the gameplay itself was an afterthought. The Adventures of Kincaid attempts to distinguish itself from these other games by flaunting the fact that it's a platformer, and its sleek pixel art style helps sell the message. Unfortunately, it fails at doing everything a platformer should do, ESPECIALLY a metroidvania.

The first and most glaring issue is the Level Design. There are winding corridors that all look the same and lead nowhere, with nothing special hidden inside of them, save for dead ends and disappointment. There are random spike-filled pitfalls littering the game, and due to the lack of any sort of airdash, it essentially forces damage to you. It is incredibly easy to get lost, especially considering the questionable checkpoint placement and the lack of a map. To elaborate on the checkpoint placement, there are often checkpoints which are placed needlessly close to each other, and more importantly, in rooms that look the same. Ideally, each checkpoint should be put in a distinct and easily recognizable area, allowing people to find their way and orient themselves much more quickly. The fact that I was able to notice these issues within the first 5 minutes of the game is very concerning, as that is the time for you to try to show off your best and reel the audience in. I suggest analyzing some of super metroid's level design, and just adding more bonuses or goodies to dead ends. Additionally, make there be less blind jumps. Please.

On to the point of presentation, the looks pretty in screenshots, but that's where my praises end. Each individual 'biome', while having its own unique theme, doesn't try to distinguish its own subrooms apart from each other, and the rooms themselves are often very bland and lacking in detail. The game way very obviously made in some sort of game-maker, and most of the assets look premade. Even if they aren't, the vast majority of any given screen is just bland stone or dirt or sky. There is far too much empty space in the backgrounds, and there's almost no visual easter-eggs whatsoever that could help not only make the game look more visually pleasing, but also help distinguish areas apart from each other. Compare to a game such as Dead Cells, which follows the same artstyle, but is absolutely breathtaking at any time, or even Super Meat Boy, which, despite being a Gamemaker game, is still absolutely gorgeous.
Kincaid's animations also, although serviceable, still seem lazy and underdeveloped. There is absolutely no visual weight or impact to any action you take, and the lack of any sort of landing animation really makes the platforming feel floaty and unsatisfying. Which is not good. Because it's a platformer.
Now, I should give credit where credit is due: The pornographic pixel art is incredible. When you make our with a lizard, it's smooth, satisfying, and sexy, and almost makes you want to get shot just so you can admire it. If the entire game was animated like this, you could put this up on steam and sell a thousand copies within the first hour. My suggestion is to do whatever you did to make the sex scenes so beautiful, and just branch it out to the rest of the animations. If you do that, this might just well be the best looking flash game of all time.
Also add a landing animation. For the love of fucking god.

Now on to the gameplay: It's bad.
Like, really really REALLY bad.
The only good thing I can say about it is that it's not the WORST platforming I've ever experienced, but it's honestly up there.
For starters, the control sceme is unintuitive and confusing. Why make A the jump button instead of Z? Why make it impossible to jump with the arrow keys? Why can't the SpaceBar do anything cool? And most importantly, why is the gameplay so *bad*?
The first thing you notice right out the gate is your pitifully slow attack. It's just a generic triple slash that stops you in place every time you try to use it, and can't be angled up or down. It has far too much endlag on all of the attacks to preserve any sort of flow, and in between each punch, your character goes back to their default stance, which makes it feel clunky and bland. Your hits come out so slowly that it takes about 1.5 seconds to kill the regular basic lizard grunt, which brings the already mediocre gameplay to a crawl every time you want to fight. My suggestion is make the attack animation significantly faster, so that you can kill an enemy like Pow!Pow!Pow!, instead of the current Pow Pow Pow. Ya get me?

I also just noticed that the Kincaid's facial expression doesn't change while you're attacking or sliding. I'm going to give the creators the benefit of the doubt and just assume that they didn't even think to implement it, but this should be remedied as soon as possible. Yes, I know it may seem like a nitpick, but the little things add up, fast.

Back on the subject of platforming, those fireballs are just not fun to go up against, especially when the only way to avoid them is by rolling into spikes. The ceilings are so low that jumping over them is often awkward and feels unnatural, and the cycle timing makes it so that as soon as you land on another platform, some spears come out of the floor and stab you. Now, this isn't to say at all that the game is *difficult*, per se, because it really isn't challenging in the least. I assume that what went down is that someone playtested this, found that they were dying too much, and so instead of changing the design of any given area, they just gave the player so much post-hit-invincibility that superman would wet his pants. This makes it so that despite constantly getting hit by everything and just being knocked around all the time, you're never in any real danger, aside from the instakill acid pits that are just kind of put in random spots to make the game seem more dangerous.

And don't even get me started on the sound effects. Most of them sound like they were just ripped from stocksoundeffectsforfree.fun, but ignoring that, this game commits the worst sin of sound design possible: The sound effects are annoying. The tinny 'woosh' sound that happens every time I punch just grates on my ears, and there is never any impact whatsoever to any action you do. Punching a lizard guy in the gut should sound meaty and visceral, but in Kincaid, it sounds like someone blowing out of their nose! When a human-sized wolf lady lands on the dirt from high in the air, it should sound impactful and satisfying, but instead, there's barely any sound at all! The sound of the spikes surging up
is overbearingly loud and irritating, to the point that when I was listening to the music, I thought that it was just a glitch or something wrong with my speakers. The music is also just bad. It's bland, repetitive, and far too loud, drowning out the sounds of jumping and landing on the ground.
Sound design is often the most overlooked part of any indie game, but it is by far one of the most important. You cannot make a satisfying platformer without satisfying sound. Fixing this should be the number one priority if you want to sell this on steam.
(On a second note, most of the sound effects are actually alright, they're just mixed poorly. Make the jumping and landing sound effects significantly louder compared to the music, and fix the weird attack sounds, and you'll be golden.)

There's also a lot of REALLY questionable gameplay choices. For example, a room with spikes on the ceiling and acid on the floor. This discourages the player from doing a max-height jump, but due to a lack of weight to the character and any sort of momentum system, when you try to shorthop over the pit, you kind of just fall down it. There's also a room with a lizard guy and a fire turret. Obviously, the player's first instinct is to try to kill the lizard, but while you're attacking, the fireball comes out and hits you. This is just irritating game design, because it punishes you for trying to actually play the game. I could see a lot of players getting bothered by this, because it essentially just forces you to dodge through the enemy, and at that point, why even have one? It's design choices like these that ultimately make the game a frustrating and unfun experience, that you'll forget about as soon as you set the controller down.

Overall, Kincaid is a bad game, that only gets the attention it has because it has titties and dongers. If the game was focused more on the gameplay than the porn, it could truly become something legendary, but as it stands right now, I just can't wait for Kincaid's Adventures to end.

AMAZING!!! although i do have some issues with it:

the keybinding settings would exclusively keybind everything to "A"

there's a room that has thorn vines over an acid pool and it was annoying to go over there just to get one hit.
the fire traps were totally fine and i felt it was my fault as a player for not seeing them EXCEPT when they were off screen and i was hit with a flurry of fire while mid jump - maybe they dont fire until they're on screen or a danger indicator idk.

I thought the wolf fight was near-flawless, i can't think of any changes for it other than an iffy hitbox with his counter-attack or it could have been a hurt box with the players jumping sprite.

one of my biggest gripes is also one of my main praises - the platforming. the platforming and sprite work were solid which only made the short comings all the more glaring. it caught me out more than once when climbing a ladder that i would have to come to a stop if i wanted to jump, not a big issue by any means but i did catch me out.
there were also some areas where the platform layout was strange; near the start there was a section of three platforms over thorns and i was unable to jump from the thorns to the middle platform - small issue. there was also a section with a button on the celing and the platforms were super close together and hidden by a screen transition which just made it annoying to get past.

other than that i think a map (that you already replied to a comment about), more save points would be nice, removing the slowing down after a roll to help with a fast pace feel, i think directional attacks in the air would be super cool as i feel it would help unify the platforming and combat mechanics.

sorry for writing a lot of issues that i had but its because i would absolutely pay for this game when it comes out on steam and i think it has so much damn potential. i never usually write reviews, let alone a long one, buti really enjoyed this game and i cant wait for future updates