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Reviews for "The Adventures of Kincaid (Public Wolf Build 2020-05)"

how the hell do you double jump

CookieDraggy responds:

Once you have the upgrade you jump, and then you jump mid-air, as in any other game. If it's not working it must be a new bug. :/

So far this game is interesting, however I discover a huge room with the Lizards, Slime, Fireball Launchers, and Deep Deadly Blue Water has a HUGE LAG problem and sometimes when you try to bring up the menu the game freezes. I don't think its my internet or my computer is the problem as all the rooms before this runs perfectly fine so I think an update is need to fix the lag problem. Also there needs to be an update to fix the keyboard control menu as you can't chose which button you want and for some reason it tries to put all options only on the S button.
Update: The room with the Lag problem is the Big Room just before the Room with the Wall Grab ability. The Lag doesn't start right away however it takes affect the longer your in the Room. It all goes away once you leave that Room, but happen when you return and be in that Room.

I wish normal enemies had a chance to drop health recovery items after being defeated. Y'know, so I could make more mistakes between save points. That's my only criticism.

Really... Awesome... work! :)

The wolf boss's counterattack's hitbox is a tad bigger and last a couple frames longer than i anticipate. still great game.