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Reviews for "The Adventures of Kincaid (Public Wolf Build 2020-05)"

so far this a pretty good game the fails for the lizard, wolf and slime are good. The whole next part of the game being hidden up in the ceiling clever. Thank god you added the save points. Wished the gun did more than a stun them for a short time and again hiding platforms in the water that is smart will post again when I beat it hopefully oh and playtime has it marked at 40 min so far.

P.S. dodge is a god send thank you for adding that.

Kinda hoping to see the fail scene animated as well rather then pictures. also let me see her tits dude... found the lizard and lizard ending and wolf and wolf fail ending but no tits the heck!? T_T

other then that great game

Great game please make a way to switch up the controls tho gets really confusing real quick

ADD galery. Win and fail scene

CookieDraggy responds:

Gallery and Mini-Map are coming soon! ^w^

I love it, it's a good game, with good gameplay, I wanted to be working to support it, keep up the beautiful work.