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Reviews for "The Adventures of Kincaid (Public Wolf Build 2020-05)"

I absolutely love all of the improvements to the game. The movement and combat feels very good. The art looks wonderful. The sex scenes are also great, both the in game scenes and the cut scenes (I am not sure what else to call them). I also love how it zooms in on the action. I also love that you added the lizard dudes ganging up on you when one of them catches you. They all look so exited to when they run up to you. Would also be nice of one of them put their cock in her mouth.

My game froze while I was trying to get fucked by one of those little red bugs.

Is it supposed to end at this door with the brown crystal thing? I see that there is a shoot button and that someone mentioned having the gun. I do not have that so maybe I am just missing something somewhere. I have defeated the wolf and I have the double jump boots but I am kinda stuck now and do not know where to go.

I also found pressing the wrong buttons often but that is probably my fault.
I saw wall jumping happen on the video on twitter but I cant figure out how to do that. Do I need to unlock it?

CookieDraggy responds:

Thank you for the kind words and feedback! Yes, walljumping and glove blaster are unlockables. Next update is going to get a mini-map so it'll make exploration a bit easier. ^^

Cute but inputs are dumb and changing them more so. I also frequently disappear from the screen after taking damage. Needs more tutorial.

the imput change is a little weird I won't register when I try to change it to anything but certain keys it already have? :v

this is good but is there like somekind of end? ive been walking around for ages
pls add gallery so u can visit wolf scene more than once

Wow, this feels like a pro SNES platformer- and one of the best I've played on Newgrounds.I really wasn't prepared for the 'punishment' scenes- I don't think Nintendo would have sanctioned those XD Also great to have controller support, even if it was a bit fiddly to set up.

Also, was this done with Godot, out of curiosity?