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Reviews for "The Adventures of Kincaid (Public Wolf Build 2020-05)"

It'd be nice if there was a gallery at the end so you don't have to replay the game to get all the scenes, or at least just the wolf boss scene.

I like the mechanics and art. This is clearly a game with a lot of effort put into it. But the level design could really use some work. I tried finding the upgrades twice but only found the boss. And I'm not getting past him without any upgrades. That would be somewhat alright if you could go back and fetch the upgrades with some backtracking, but even that is impossible due to some one directional obstacles like doors and drops.

I suggest removing loops from the world path and adding directional signs where there are branching paths splitting or merging. If a branch needs a certain upgrade to be traversed please add that as an obstacle at the start of the branch. It would also be nice if it's hinted when a path is optional and thus has some sort of optional reward.

The fireball shooting traps where a nuisance because at the start of the level it's hard to see what is and is not a trap. When I was playing fast I jumped into a trap that I did not see activate yet multiple times. Please do not use that trap block as a decoration and make the trap way more obvious, primarily in the early state of it's animation.

The a lizards shoot their ball at a set interval. The being punched animation of them does not make clear whether this interval is or is not reset. So every time I'm punching these guys I'm afraid of not 'timing' the punches right and being shot in the face while already punching them. This could be fixed by making the stagger last longer so they are not aiming at you at point blank range.

The keybinds aren't so nice. Especially on laptop with tiny arrow keys. WASD controls would probably be much nicer for most players. Also if possible it would be great if the default controls would be usable with one hand... This being a porn game after all. It would also be more intuitive if the escape key closes sub menus and the pause screen.

This one Best games I have Played in a While, Just has one Bug....I changed the Keybinding and Now I can't get into the game(I push (A) and It doesn't start the game) but, other than Solid game and The best one of it's Kind

The challenge in this game is real. Wasn't expecting hand-eye coordination in an h-game.

I feel like I need a map.
I got the double jump and shooting upgrades and now I'm just going around in circles.

CookieDraggy responds:

Map is coming in the next updated! ^w^ We just started prototyping it today.

Terrible key-binds. Not really playable as is.