Reviews for "Slowing Down"

For real you're so good at this

Hello sir! Great Entertainment - just as always :D This track really brought me in a good mood. Crazy stuff! :D Good luck for the contest!

I like the quirky atmosphere at the beginning and the blissful mood. Stellar sound design. The vocals are really smooth, and I love the breaks at :45. The production quality is superb. Sometimes the articulation on the vocals could be clearer, but the cutesy nature of the vocals at 1:02 really won me over. Well-structured and smooth-flowing piece. I love the percussion at 2:05, and the chant-like vocals at 2:27 fit in really well too. You might’ve needed a smoother transition into 2:45, but overall the progression is great. Honestly, this piece probably has the best mood of any piece I’ve reviewed for the ADM so far this year. It actually made me laugh out loud because it was so cheerful and quirky. Really strong work here, Garlagan! ;)


garlagan responds:

thanks for the feedback tl!

BEST SONG WITH LYRICS I HAVE HEARD ON NEWGROUNDS the thing is my phones SD card broke as if it were a factory reset and now I can't get my music back. I had to pay for it... U HEAR MEH?

Slow it down!
Or I'll do a very loud party with this song! XD

Very good job! :D