Reviews for "Slowing Down"

Holy F**k

This is The Best Song i ever in my life HEAAAR
GG mate!

[ i think im motivation 0w0 ]

Also. How i must Slow Down?

Dawn Doawn Doaaodwn Dudadawn


ITs incredible! I love it! ;)

I lik it

Amazing!!!!! The best song like, ever! Here is what I think the chorus is:
Slowing DOWN
Down Down Down
Down di ow
Down da Down
Boom man Boom*???
Down Down Duuaaah
Down in ba
Blap Bloop Bluuuaaah
Boom Boom Boom

*Right after these words comes the best part of the music (when it sounds like it is glitchy 53 or 54 secs in)

i like this alot the drops first 2 drops are amazing the tune with the lyrics and going down down down sloowing down is good but that's what is good so i give a 4* and i found out the song ID it's 754511if you wanted to know.