Reviews for "Slowing Down"

fuuuuck your mixing has improved so much the last few years. i really want the vocals to sit a bit louder in the mix and maybe hit the compressor a bit harder though

i *really* don't like the off kilter rhythmic shifts in the middle of the choruses - it doesn't really complement the rest of the track in any way and seems like a total afterthought. in this kind of a track i feel like pulling the downbeat into the last step of the previous bar (e.g. 0m56s) is acceptable if you do it once in a section. it also makes sense in that last chorus because it's already been preceded by a skipping effect out of the breakdown. but it's jarring if it keeps happening and if it happens on beats that aren't the downbeat. the chorus is the most important part of your song and you shouldn't ruin it by immediately subverting it!

BUT yeaaaa. i love the festival breakdown. shit's dope. the crowd chant is A+, actually there's fantastic use of different sized reverbs throughout the track. this whole track is fuckin' amazing and i'm so sad that the choruses do that janky rhythmic thing cause otherwise i could listen to this for DAYS.

garlagan responds:

niice. appreciate the feedback midi!
fucking with downbeats is too fun to be consciously avoiding it tho

Every aspect of this song is fantastic. I could listen to this tens of times without getting tired of it; there's so much to admire.



Where do I even start with you, garlagan? How do I even begin to comment on your literal genius

Once again you nail the melodies. Once again your drops are extremely crisp. Once again you pull off a bunch of small musical tidbits which fill your track with interest. Once again you catch me off guard with an unexpected sonic shift (2:07). Once again you create such a highly contrasted, highly detailed soundscape that I can't do anything but stand amazed. Seriously.

I don't even know what to begin to criticize. It's just all... so tight. So clean.

I rarely give tracks full five stars but this one has to take the cake for me.

garlagan responds:

aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh thank you so much 1f1n1!

weeeeeeeeeeee... dup dee! fucking awesome yo!