Reviews for "Slowing Down"

your sound design is just amazing. i really enjoy this song, and it is a captivating one, holding my attention the whole time

Could it be....? Garlagan is back :D
Man I keep loving how you sing and compose the song, that's a totally professional work. This is one of those songs that I say: Man gotta download this and listen in my phone anyways! :D
My favourite elements were the percussion... you did the same thing in Leight Weight (last part) and i loved it, basically because I like percussion more than other instruments xD
You could make some kind of album with songs only singed by you, with a creative name about voices :D
With this submission, you make my day, you gave me something to enjoy during my winter vacations (2 weeks :P)
Thank you for all those wonderful melodies and keep going, you are amazing :D Greetings

This was such a fun listen. Full of really, really cool elements. Not really sure what else to say! I love all the rhythmic cool aspects as well. Your voice is great ;)

2:53 => Sudden "Shelter" throwback! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzQ6gRAEoy0

Ofc, the rhythm is different and all; it just reminded me of it!

Seriously fantastic work, and good luck!

garlagan responds:

thank you lsd! oh shelter is amazing! and i see what you mean; that part's melody is very simple so it should be bound to be similar to many other songs in the same key

real talk something funky happens when you sing and your songs are not as catchy as your other songs that dont have your singing.

you're getting closer tho

really amazing track. also how is it possible to mix so well? HOW IS IT POSSIBLE?!?

also that kick stutter section

also that festival section rofl


garlagan responds:

john... there's no one singing, you're tripping on synthesizers

For real you're so good at this