Reviews for "Slowing Down"


Great vocals and song

I like the quirky atmosphere at the beginning and the blissful mood. Stellar sound design. The vocals are really smooth, and I love the breaks at :45. The production quality is superb. Sometimes the articulation on the vocals could be clearer, but the cutesy nature of the vocals at 1:02 really won me over. Well-structured and smooth-flowing piece. I love the percussion at 2:05, and the chant-like vocals at 2:27 fit in really well too. You might’ve needed a smoother transition into 2:45, but overall the progression is great. Honestly, this piece probably has the best mood of any piece I’ve reviewed for the ADM so far this year. It actually made me laugh out loud because it was so cheerful and quirky. Really strong work here, Garlagan! ;)


garlagan responds:

thanks for the feedback tl!

Quite the ear worm. As I was laying down to take a quick nap, this song started playing in my head. I was playing this several times at work, and when that happened I knew it was time to leave a review. My thoughts when I hear this is that this would be a great anthem piece for today's generation just like 1979 from the Pumpkins was for the 90s. What a carefree, inspiring piece. I can just imagine joy-riding amid lights from a nearby festival. My one critique is probably something that you'll get a lot of positive feedback as well. It might end up being polarizing for you, but maybe it's just me. The chant at 2:27 is awkward for me, and I'm not sure if it's because I think it would be more natural if there was some kind of lyric going on there, or if it's just the technique you tried going for in stacking your vocals. Either way, that section really was surprising and makes me quite jealous. lol There's a lot of interesting parts here that I haven't really gotten bored at all from the past several days of listening to it.
Its such a catchy song, garlagan. I look forward to hearing some more.

garlagan responds:

Your writing skills! Thank you so much Phono!
I think the chant's polarising too --actually that entire section-- but I'm content with how it turned out. That sort of batucada rhythm with the melody sounded in my head at one point when I was making a draft for the song, and it just made sense to go with it completely.
Thanks again for the wonderful feedback. I'm looking forward to hearing more from you too!

WoW! i love it ♥