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Reviews for "code[Y0K0] - Drill Spot"

i dont have arrow keys can you add a setting were you can change it to a & d keys please also theres a bug with the sound it cuts of at the middle of what your doing

The sfx can get repetitive, but overall good. Skull Pin is jammin', might I add. Had it going in the background for another short game.

This is fantastic! I really want to cosplay Yoko for some reason now <3

They get better and better each game

Graphics could be better. I'd like more detail to actually be able to see detail in her asshole. The pussy could be more detailed too. I like it for what it is. It's got anal and assjob. My shit. I hate the music. I always hate music during sex as it mostly ALWAYS takes away. This is a general dislike and is way overdone in both amateur porn as well as compilations. The sounds of sex are the only perfect soundtrack to sex scenes. Vocals are welcomed next time around more than just the same moan every few seconds. Again, this is a good game for what it is, but you can put more into it. I can't go higher than 2 stars. I like it, but I rate very hard and it's a 4/10. It is what it is. I rate stuff I like at 1 and a half star if it lacks quality. Everything is very basic and a lot could've been better.