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Reviews for "code[Y0K0] - Drill Spot"

A huge improvement. Just keep on improving your animation as you already have/are.
For example, more giggle from her on thrust impact. Including a more visible asshole as detail.

To make this more of a game all features could be unlocked through bang hero somehow. This would increase the amount of time people spend playing with the same same amount of work put into animations-- a 10 minute experience becomes a 30 minute one. Each feature is also earned and more appreciated for being earned. For example, start with the only thing unlocked is missionary unlocking each feature with each progressive stage of increasing difficulty. When everything is unlocked for the sex position the next sex position is then unlocked to then unlock its features.

Good choice making the nude the last "outfit" unlocked which shows more of her body.

I found a bug. I'm using chrome on a laptop. It's stuck on the all characters are legal age page. Am I supposed to do something? Does it need more than 10 minutes to load or something?

The answer is yes. It could use a loading bar.

its a good game and amazing graphics but i cant do the bang hero because i use touchpad could you add the option that asks if your using touchpad or mouse and if your using touch pad then its easier or the delay is longer

Not gonna lie the music is really good

I love the minigames and the music, keep up the great work !