Reviews for "{dj-N} Listen to Your Heart RM"

*knocked out*

Like WOAOAOAOAOAAOOOW. This song is ultra awesome... it's kinda too long and repetitive but I don't really care... just two things, the vocal seems a bit out of sync and the snares should have been much louder. But even like that it ROXXXXX. Dld, fived.
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dj-Nate responds:

Fo sho.

I agree....

Your music makes me want to write more. Thank you! *hug*

really catchy

very well done song long songs realy want to make me dance *does the crip walk XDDDDD

Hi, God!

You are officially the new god. There is only one religion, dj-nateianism =D (No but seariously, this is great!)


This is the kind of music that would make u a killer DJ in europe if u were to play at a rave!!! Especially if u could transition all of your best songs into 1!!!!!