Reviews for "{dj-N} Listen to Your Heart RM"


You don't listen to songs like this every day. One as well done as this one, anyway.

not bad

its a very interesting song i think its great

Pretty Good

The intro is different and unneeded I think. You can't even understand what it is saying after different. Then it just starts with cheering. I might just start with the cheering. Good sounds to start the actual songs though. I might have started the bass beat at 0:11. The way that it is is alright, that first part just comes to and end to abruptly/quickly though. The part at 0:18 is good, but might have been better if it came in later after prolonging the first part more. I like the next part though. Love the bass at 0:32. As I said though, I would like the very first part to be prolonged some.

The vocals come in badly. The don't fit well. and all it is is "Listen to your heart". I might not even have them. I might try to add some other type of vocals. I like the piano. Again I might have put the bass in sooner at 1:22. The next part is sort of dull and repetitive. All it does is bring in old sounds. Might wanna add some new ones if you're going to make a new version of this. The part at 2:35 was completely unneeded. Didn't fit well with the song because it was too random. After that, it's still the old sounds again. Need to stray more from that. The outro shouldn't just fade out with the crowd. It should be better than that.

As a song, this didn't sound like a remix of Listen to Your Heart. This sounds like some other song with the lyrics, "Listen to your heart." put in it. Like I said, I don't think the vocals fit in well anyway, but whatever. This needs work. If you ever remake it PM me the final result and I can review that one too.

pretty good!

i liked it all except for the parts during :20 secs and :24 secs other than that keep up the great work!


As EVERYONE else has said before it has a kick-ass beat. Seriously... Music like this will get you far... o.o