Reviews for "{dj-N} Listen to Your Heart RM"


JEEZE MAN! how the crap do you do it... this is by far the most awesome song on NGs. your songs are awesome but this is so awesome. 10/10 5/5 100/100 w/e


Way better than mine lol


seriously the best trance song i have ever heard, keep them coming


Listen to your heart is freckin awesome...I want to hear some more music like this. well done nate

Yeah! (Echo) (Echo)

Wow, nice intro, the guy's voice at the start was pretty cool, you've done this before, and it seems to be done in most UK Hardcore tracks, it's like :

PHRASE ! : Pause : Climax.

When the synth comes in, it's great, it's got some nice filtering touches and some lovely reverb, and some lovely mixing too!

This so far is mastered and mixed better than all your others, now here comes the beat! Ahh, it's cool, maybe should be a bit more punchy, but still very classy.

Ah, is that vox i hear? Very nice! Where did you get them? The bass is one of those simple ones thats easy to make but it just seems to fit in this track so well it's unbelievable.

The saying : '' Good bass, bad track, bad bass, good track, and then there's, bad bass, lights up the track. ''

This would indeed apply here. The climax is pretty good, everything flows, nothing is too loud or too w/e. W/e the the criticism is these days, usually i fault mastering and mixing because i feel it should be top priority in tracks made on computers. You have done it well here, i must say!

You only used the vox once though, just a quick, '' Listen to your heart, '' which is a bit disappointing, maybe if you have some just as it builds up to the climax, it would have been cool, but never mind!

I just feel you could have built up to the climax better overall, now i notice some nice chords! Little jingles that flash in and out, nice touch indeed! When they change octave, it's very cool indeed! Wait, at the second climax, the lead fades out and abruptly starts another climax, good idea, bad execution, maybe you could have done this part a bit better.

This is a decent production, which is very well mastered and mixed, YET again i mention this, but it really is!

Just a more punchy beat would have suited it, try VEC2 Clubby 11, this is one that the Pro's use alot, or maybe VEC2 Clubby 43, which some low end, this is a possibility too.

I enjoyed this and i enjoyed writing this review,

hope to hear some more quality tracks from you!

Cheers mate. :)