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Reviews for "One night with Meruccubus!"

ah yes, the SUCCubus


Se parece a la chica de "iron ladies" XD

yo is this the :whoa: emoji girl on the tboi r34 discord server?

I like this, the sound matched up with the great animation. No skipping of any kind, and the moaning was well done because it didn't sound repetitive, if it was repeated, I didn't notice. the ahego face was nice until the end before the guy came. I was expecting a bigger change in the expression, such as a look of supprise or a seductive "lets go again" look. However seeing the title and knowing its a spinn off the word succubus, it would seem this was intended. Perhaps the succubus is bored or has done this many times before and so there was little reaction. But regardless... I liked it and keep up the good work.