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Reviews for "TREAT"

As a father of 4 ferrets I can confirm this to be accurate. Nilla usually just looks as if she's having war flashbacks. Cookie is a diva and she wants to be spoiled. Wafer is the wild child and she's the only one that eats maw meats and egg. Bear Claw is our only male and loves attention. All however can't seem to consistently shit in any on the 5 litter pans we have placed in their room. On top of all that your artwork is amazingly smooth and you'll have +1 to your followers list.

Vudujin responds:

I love the theming you did for their names. That's so freaking adorable. I just have Scout and Buckles. Scout is super chill and loves a good wrestle. Buckles is really playful and likes being chased. He started pretending to poop and fake wiping his butt just to get treats. Smart lil dooker.

buckles you dumb fucking idiot

that really how it be sometimes with pets.

Very cute & funny! Nice faces!