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Reviews for "Who Will Feed MEOW"

This is quite the tearjerker.

jackbliss responds:

Thanks. The tears you hear in the audio are real :'(

That was pretty sweet. I wish there was a reaction to the cat talking, or perhaps it was just in his head. But I liked it still more than most animations I see on here.

Real tears in the audio too hmm... hopefully not a real scenario here depicted in cartoon form!

Was expecting eventual comedy but it really was sad all the way. Appreciative wordplay, but I kept expecting some kind of twist towards the end, something to light up the mood a bit, a full turn/reaction kind of thing... seems like he's even more distressed with how that's all the cat's thinking about, or just doesn't respond to it, or maybe that inner turmoil is a turn just waiting to happen... hope for the latter.

Would've been real nice with some kind of conclusion though.


jackbliss responds:

Thanks so much for your review my friend. Sometimes in life there is no happy or sad ending but just living moment to moment to the best of our ability which is what I wanted to capture in this animation. The story and real tears were shed inspired from my wife's story of how she survived her tragic childhood and suicidal thoughts by reminding herself that there would be no one to feed her cat if she died.

Who embeds a youtube version on a Newgrounds animation?
Edit: Come at me with something better than a whatev emoji

jackbliss responds:

It was for people who cannot see the Newgrounds player on their device for whatever reason. I've changed it to just a link now.

Edit: I just came at you with a ROFL emoji. Hope that's better :D