Reviews for "Solid Sticks 3"

The change

In the 3rd installment to this solid sticks series one coulod see ur transition. U kept the over all feel of the first and second on installments and decided to jazz it up a bit. There was some deliberate comedy this time(which by tht way made me laugh), A succesion of fighters for the main character to over come tht was nice to, and u even decided to change the scenery. Ur trnsition was well noted for tht u get an 8. There is always room for improvement. im a bit eager to watch ur fourt installment.

Keeps Getting Better!

Keeps getting better with each installment. I love how the final boss changed colors to match the respective role. Keep up the great work!

Getting better

Each of these movies keeps getting better than the previous one. Good job.

Wow ...

... very, very, very nice


Very cool dude keep it up