Reviews for "Solid Sticks 3"

Uber cool

The part with the whip thing was sweet.

Keeps Getting Better

I'm in the process of watching them all in a row.

Your style continues to get a little more defined each time. This one had a little more improvement over the last, especially with adding in a detailed background during the last boss fight. The graphics are steadily improving as you go along, and it's nice to watch your improvement. Again, the sounds are well-chosen. Nicely done, overall.

. . .

Is it even possible to impale someone with a waxwood staff?


Oh god here comes negative white guy!!! :D

Wow the boss,,,,,,,,

He had like a power
that took years to
use the then the
stickguy committed
suiced with the help
of his lightning shield
pretty funny dude 5/5.