Reviews for "Solid Sticks 3"

Another great movie by xarugas03

This was the only movie that entertained me today. Fantastic job, keep em coming.

yano wats hard to do in that movie?

count all the hits


Keep it UPx2!!!!

hmmmm good

im pleased it ant some retard that created this movie this realy is good im glad that solid sticks 4 has came out still this is good im looking forward to seeing solid sticks 5 :):):)

great job

this movie is huge, love that game bloody roar. you should try to think of your own finisher moves like bloody roar has. i personally like the gamecube one w/ the iron mole. only thing is this is gettin a bit repetitive and they arent like the rag dolls anymore. if u make anymore you really should use the rag dolls they're badass. i make stick figure cartoons, and im just plain jealous. it says your 14 on your profile, your incredible for a 14 yr old. im 14 and i cant imagine doin that.