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Reviews for "Gunhook.io Online"

Me and my friends have been playing this game for the last 2 days : It's great !
Sure, there are many problems :
Sometimes your guns don't shoot, you kill someone but the kill goes to someone else, your gun shoots on your back because of the camera (no damage, just annoying), bullet impacts on the side...

Nevertheless, we had lots of fun ! The best NG game I've played up until now, I think you can make something amazing from that.
You should definitely keep working on it ^^

Edit : Also, I randomly got Top 4 Worldwide, which is pretty sick :D

Its alright, add wall running, make the swinging better (like spiderman), make the aiming better, refine the movement mechanics, and put it on steam.

keybol responds:

I actually just started playing Spiderman on PS4 and beaten it to get a feel of the swinging and grappling. I'll have something big in the future.

Sorry but no people. GREAT GAME THOUGH.

i rly liked it

I probably missed the boat on this one: bit of a bummer to have a multiplayer game with no players to play against. Wish there was bots or some other game mode to play for single-player. I had a lot of technical difficulties at first too: the game didn't seem to capture my cursor so aiming made my mouse leave the screen. When the game did eventually lock my cursor properly, I did have some fun swinging around the level and shooting off the guns. Does seem a bit bare-bones at the moment though: I'm fine with the art being simple, but the gameplay seems very basic with no objective or pizazz to it, and it's missing essential things like reloading animations. Again, Can't say much since I missed it when people were playing, I suppose.