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Reviews for "math problems guy"

"criple you way more than the education system did!"

Now that is golden!

Its the truth thats why its so funny.

Hahaha, this is a lot better than the fish one for sure. Are these all old works or are you just pumping these out that fast? I'm enjoying most of what you've made

wavetro responds:

Yeah, I release these videos as soon as I finish them! It has definitely taken a toll on me though, so I've started slowing down a bit to prevent any more destruction to my health lol

Right in the long term memory. ouch. At-least I was prepared for this. the answer is 8/9ths fools. bwahahah. wait. show my work?... oh no. OH NO!

It's dumb right, but at the same time, it's very well made and also an ongoing meme that I can refer to. All in all, I really liked it and am able to rate using just one single word, amazing xD :)

The pacing was on-point, the jokes were topical but still somewhat relatable, the animation was the right kind of low-quality, and the punchline was solid. My only criticism is that Johnny maybe shouldn't have cursed during the single watermelon explanation, just to reinforce the change in tone. Overall, I'm impressed! Nice job; keep it up. :)