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Reviews for "The Torture Game 2X"

I did not expect these comments

i had fun with this game by scraping off the guys skin with a razor

Very good game waiting for updates. I'd like to see more weapons (grenades, flamethrower, etc.)

This brings very fond memories of that FOX News report back in 2009 lol.

Quite a fun games, there's something strangely satisfying about shooting someone repeatedly and watching them fall, dead, to the floor or spamming them with adrenaline until their heart stops. I don't fully understand why you'd pick classic and not sandbox, it doesn't seem like there's any sort of progression in Classic and you just have less tools than in sandbox.

Cmann responds:

It's kind of a left over.
Originally I was thinking more along the lines of a faithful reproduction of the original. Naturally though I couldn't help but want to improve on it - then I thought of maybe having this as well as the separate "classic" mode that looks, feels, and behaves like the original.

So I didn't end up doing that, but kept the option which only had the stuff from the original, just because.
Plus I figured if I added a bunch more tools and options, classic would maybe be less overwhelming as the default on a first play-through.