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Reviews for "The Torture Game 2X"

What happened to the knife and shit?

Cmann responds:

It's there. Tool group 2.
Oh and you must be in sandbox mode.


2 things:1, the options menu seems to be broken because i cant do anything at all.2 the mouse should be locked when you click on the screen because for example the reticle of the guns cant move close to the edge of the screen because the mouse goes off the game

reply to cmann since I cant figure out how to properly: pressing any arrow key puts me to the "back" option and no other key does anything. clicking seems to not work either. the only errors I received were failed to load source map.

nvm right as I was done writing my reply the settings started working.

Cmann responds:

1. It seems to be working. Any more details you can provide would would. Possibly check the browser's developer console for errors.

2. I guess I can see how that might be annoying. Not a bad idea.

drew a penis on the wall 10/10

I think i'm becoming a murderer... eh who cares, this game is too fun and awesome to pass up!