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Reviews for "The Torture Game 2X"

im probably on a watchlist now but fuck it this shits fun

my next job interview as a fucking serial killer

holy crap thank you for the remaster pls come back and make a torture game 3 in 3d no less your a legend my guy

well... after testing out the engine and some of the tools the gore is very underwelming aside from a few updated graphics its more or less the same old game with less gore and worse hit
detection ughh.... so close yet so far i yern to see a true come back but ehh i'll settle with the classic

new edit: 6/10/2020
okay they added new weapons and holy crap they added a katana yes the katana is my new favorite torture weapons in this game most of my complaints can be surmerised up into my laptop has a low processor so certain out dated device might not show much gore other then that this game is really shapeing up to be a awesome updated verison please keep the katana in its so beautiful

Cmann responds:

Care to elaborate?

It is meant to be a somewhat faithful recreation of the original, so if you're expecting something groundbreaking you're going to be disappointed.

That said, I do think the gore is a step up from the previous - in what way would you consider it underwhelming?

And not sure what you mean by "worse hit detection". I've not noticed any outright bugs, and at the very least it functions identically to the original.

Also, as cool as 3D would be, that's probably beyond my ability unfortunately.

There's a lot of gore. I like gore! A lot! Hell, I might even be a psychopath, but I'll have to wait to find out.

I remember playing the original years ago. I like the new tools!
Awesome remake~