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Reviews for "Night Gigglers"

Well! I'm terrified. Good video.

my reaction within the first 4 seconds.... "Falkooooooooooooor" (after reading the comments I see Im not the only one with this affliction xD)
your music tracks are always original and amazing.
As much as im loving this tho, it looks like Smiley Cindy has no teeth.
like when you first meet toothless in how to train your dragon -.0
#Cannot Unsee

This concept needs to be expanded on, re-detailed, and stuck on a T-Shirt.... or one of those ridiculously long mouse-pads. --Anyone who agrees drop a good reaction--

. . . . . and now after having had it repeat a dozen or more times. . . and seeing so many warai riding the big'n. . . im now picturing him as the totoro bus. . . again #Cannot Unsee

The Warai is a creative creature, and I can tell you're proud of it. It actually seems like a folk lore myth, like the Wendigo.

This is tight. The eyes on the legs of the falcor thing are super bizarre.