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Reviews for "Decryption: A Free Online MMO"

As the sequel to Ritz, it definitely had a lot to live up to.

The redesign worked well in my opinion, though since you see the same character for such a long time, some inbetween frames when turning would've spiced it up a bit.
Also this is very minor, but there could've been some sort of visual indication of how far you're into the game, since that was at some points hard to tell.

The story and themes were good, definitely a more serious tone than the first game. Some dialogue did make me chuckle and some hit me where it hurt.

The music I've got no jokes for. Really solid job on establishing the atmosphere. To dig out anything, I think some vertical mixing tom foolery could be neat. As in additional instruments get added/removed or the timbre changes as the game progresses.

Over all, very solid job you guys.

ninjamuffin99 responds:

I see it as more of a spiritual successor to a game i made years ago "Lost Connection", with hints of other games I've worked on like OSO, Twitter Simulator, all those types of games that I haven't made in a while.

bless ya carmet we out here keepin it real

HenryEYES responds:

bless you carman!

Holy fuck, this game is scary!
five out of five though.


Really good use of theme. The writer shows a good talent for narrative design with how things are placed, I especially like how things are presented out of order to reveal the whole story as time goes on. Ending was a bit abrupt and sorta felt like a glitch. Otherwise, this is VERY atmospheric and very well done. It brings me back to a feeling I thought I left behind in my old MMO days and it's just heartcrushingly good at what it does.

On a technical level, I like how this game did a lot with Flixel's out of the box tools. Very liberal use of FlxTrail and done exceptionally well when it's used, this is the sort of stuff I like to see where you take some pretty straightforward art and move it up a notch with effective use of default Flixel FX.

ninjamuffin99 responds:

thanku very much appreciate u squidly

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