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Reviews for "Decryption: A Free Online MMO"

"Last online 10 years ago"
the real name of the game^
(But seriously the game is pretty good and the only way i could've related to it more is if my pinky didn't hurt from holding shift)

Very cool concept and I like the dreamy atmosphere with the soundtrack and sounds and controls also. I don't really like loose, floaty controls like this in most games but I think that it does go with the feel and atmosphere of this game.

I'm a little confused about the item collecting, etc but I've never really played MMO's very much so I may be missing something there. Overall very cool theme and ideas though!

Pretty cool experience! Initially, I was turned off from this, as the game seemed very confusing and not well put-together. I understand that part of it might be intentionally glitchy, but it was weird how the character's colliders were just off when it came to trying to avoid hitting walls and pick up objects. Also the objects just made no sense at times: usually an object is interactable if it's grey instead of black, but then some objects were when they were still black? However, credit where credit is due, I was intrigued enough by the story that I kept going and going, wanting to see more. It wasn't exactly the most gripping or unique story or anything, but it was cool to piece things together. Loved how bits and pieces appear while you're moving about backtracking as well: very stylish. I never did beat it though because it just gets a bit too maze-like near the end and you move so slowly through it. Still, was a neat experience.

Simple and very nicely done, loved it and its atmosphere! Would like to actually see the chat log of the messages I collected when the game ends but its still dope, had some problems picking up items, maybe I just have to walk through them a bit more longer then I expected? Gave me a very chill n sad vibe, thx for making this game :D

Simple, but not much to say about it. I think it's a game about a guy becoming friends with a girl on an MMO, and then getting cut off after he phones her on her birthday? I'm not sure I get it, or what connections this has specifically with internet friends...although I've had plenty who were "last seen 938 days ago".

HenryEYES responds:

it's not all about a girl lol. Yea, this game isn't for everyone I guess, but thanks for reaching the end!