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Reviews for "Decryption: A Free Online MMO"

This is an interesting game.
The story packs quite a punch for a short browser game, and it was very uncomfortably relatable. Watching the story of this clearly anxious but lonely person drift from a group that cared on, at worst, a surface level unfold was depressing.
The gameplay was fine, more than good enough to serve its purpose and get the message across. Movement was floaty, but justifiably so, and it didn't make controlling the character an issue. Although, I do wish that there was either some sort of map or that the camera was zoomed out a little more. It was hard to navigate this maze, recognizing structures and POIs was hard to do without a reference, since the game tends to send you all over the place.

Man, this was pretty nice. Good storytelling. Just one thing, I'm kind of confused with the ending. I realize that SPOILERS the guy asked out the girl online and one of them signed off forever. But like my game ended with the conversation of someone saying "not to do that again" and I'm confused on what "that" was. Suicide attempt? Cruel joke of something? I don't know. Backtracking is a heavy element of this game - it works and it doesn't. Adding a map would be a very useful resource but it would eliminate the sense of forming the map in your head as you go, reminiscent of Legend of Zelda NES. Like I said, the story was nice, just confused on the way it was ended. It was very abrupt and it would have been nice to have one last cutscene further explaining the game's story and what had happened.

ninjamuffin99 responds:

each little vignette is in no particular order of you getting them.

I liked how nebulous this was.
It's a sad story, reminiscent in tone.
There are a lot of very simple relationships we have these days, that drift away over time, but are shockingly relevant in the moment.
This a very bitter sweet, and deliberately paced experience.
Thank you for making this.

ninjamuffin99 responds:

ay i gotchu cheif

This game is soo surreal that it feels like a personal attack.

ninjamuffin99 responds:

next game is going to be about YOU exactly

It's a very interesting concept, in story-telling perspective. Although it's not new.
This game needs to be tagged as "Art", for it really is a work of it.
The only problem I had is Gameplay, since it's kinda tedious to go from one edge of this maze to another any time I want to repair a dialogue sequence.
But then again, adding maps or pointers would ruin it.
The story itself is actually very relevant, since many of us start without friends, when we are getting close to adulthood. Struck some personal notes, tbh.