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Reviews for "Bass Master Online"

the wife wont let me go out on the lake with my boys, so this is the next best thing

the 3D effect and rotating camera is really cool. also peeped thru the source code juuuust a bit and saw colyseus. I'll have to dig into that one day....

EDIT: loved fishin with my boys

this a good ass game. r8 5 and sk8 or die

this game is fun as hell and really adictive. Finally hit the big 200 after far too long.

austineast responds:

youve ascended beyond bass master... safe to say you are a bass GOD

THIS NEED A HIGHER SCORE, like damn. Tho i do remember that i had someone teach me how to actually fish, since i couldn't figure it out for the first while. this game is ironically the most fun when plating with friends, also let the records show that I was the one who discovered how to swim in the pond >:)

austineast responds:

i agree that it could be clearer how to fish. i think once the jam is over, id like to look into adding some form of tutorial and better conveyance of what’s going on while fishing.

also, it made me really happy to see you and your pals fishing and breaking my game (haha), so thank you!!

This game is extremely technically impressive - to take a 2D engine and put it into 3D then also go the extra mile and put it online is nuts. It has a fun simplicity to it that's just beautiful in its execution.

I wasn't too fond of the controls, and the whole thing could use a bit more juice in a few ways, but honestly this is so incredibly impressive that I don't care at all about those specifics.