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Reviews for "Bass Master Online"

It seems like you slightly improved it. Things to change that are pissing off
- if the player fails to catch the fish - don't make the fish disappear ffs! in real world the fishes don't disappear after you fail to catch them, and I assume that you wanted to make the experience as realistic as possible
- give an option for solo mode so I can fucking practice without others interfering because the noise that they make is distracting - or maybe add a tutorial
- give more time for the player to catch the fish, because it seems that I have to click it BEFORE the fish catches the bait, or at the exact moment. The problem is that depending on the computer, the game will register it differently.

On some computers the game will have the player get the fish instantly, on other computers it will take two clicks for the reel to work, which will result in not catching the fish

It seems like I managed to get one fish, and the tip I can have is that you have to click on the bait, or somewhere nearby, for the fish to correctly register, I was clicking near the player therefore I couldn't catch it before.

The game is also extremely bugged. You can not only get inside the pond, you can also break the game mechanics rather easily.

Still, the game has over 2000 views, and only 23 people managed to fish at least 100 fishes. That should tell you something

EDIT: it seems that the progress is based on your personal high score, so if you see it doesn't save, don't bother. The game randomly exits, because "fuck you" that's why. I noticed that when the game lags and works wonkier, it's easier to catch the bass.

Used the pond clip and got to 100, then celebrated by using the same clip to get out of bounds to the point that all I see is pink. 5/5 Great game would play again.

austineast responds:

congratulations, bass master! i know i should fix the movement bug, but folks seem to be having so much fun with it, im conflicted! anyways, glad you had fun and thanks for playing

THIS NEED A HIGHER SCORE, like damn. Tho i do remember that i had someone teach me how to actually fish, since i couldn't figure it out for the first while. this game is ironically the most fun when plating with friends, also let the records show that I was the one who discovered how to swim in the pond >:)

austineast responds:

i agree that it could be clearer how to fish. i think once the jam is over, id like to look into adding some form of tutorial and better conveyance of what’s going on while fishing.

also, it made me really happy to see you and your pals fishing and breaking my game (haha), so thank you!!

this game is fun as hell and really adictive. Finally hit the big 200 after far too long.

austineast responds:

youve ascended beyond bass master... safe to say you are a bass GOD

this a good ass game. r8 5 and sk8 or die