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Reviews for "Bass Master Online"

No matter what browser I try to use the game lags excessively.

Game is well done except for the constant rotating.
I had to stop playing after about a dozen catches.

I've never "continuously spun" while fishing in real life,
and don't understand the purpose of it in the game?

This game is extremely technically impressive - to take a 2D engine and put it into 3D then also go the extra mile and put it online is nuts. It has a fun simplicity to it that's just beautiful in its execution.

I wasn't too fond of the controls, and the whole thing could use a bit more juice in a few ways, but honestly this is so incredibly impressive that I don't care at all about those specifics.

I've been wanting to say something about this since it came out, but I kept on getting busy and forgetting, so as long as I'm here again, I guess I'll put it out there--
I love bass fishing online!
It's very simple, but still impressive, in the worlds of both gamedev and fishing.
maybe I'm just a sucker or fishing games, but if you made a full online fishing game with more features, I'd have no choice but to make it the only game I play
thank you for enriching my life with bass fishing online!

austineast responds:

well that settles it, i have to make a full version! thanks for the review, fellow bass enthusiast <3

Hmm, not much to this, at least from what I can tell. I'm worried that maybe I missed something: there was so little to do that I was expecting some sort of crazy twist once I caught a few fish, like it would transform into something else more exciting. Controls were confusing to learn as well: I was expecting to click in the water to cast my lure there, not click on myself and drag. Not sure if it's a multiplayer game? If so, maybe I missed the boat.

austineast responds:

it is indeed a multiplayer game! and yes, the most you are able to do is fish - a little sparse, but thats what i was able to accomplish during the game jam I made this for. regardless, thanks for playing, and i appreciate the feedback :D