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Reviews for "A ♥ apart"

I like this a lot! It's pretty short and not very difficult (I didn't get hit until level eight), but I think the aesthetic is very cute and the music matches the game well. After beating the game, I'll now make another red heart, this one to the right and above the submission.

Cool game, there was some challenges like using both controls at once. You can complete each level without starting all over completely, just for the level if you mess up too much. I like how you can kind of cheat when one heart is flashing and you can grab the pieces.
Great game

Very cool concept and controls! Very well put together!

Its like Undertale but in a petri dish. Challenging, but not too brutal since your score towards the next level is retained if at least half of the heart survives. Short and sweet. Love it, and thanks for using my music!

BenedictFogwell responds:

Thanks for creating the music & making it available to use!