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Reviews for "Heartship"


Not too shabby. Basic gameplay of shooting through enemies is pretty fun, and the game has some decent production through little touches like the transitions between levels. However, the difficulty can spike in all sorts of places, particularly when dealing with the splitting mechanic, which in my opinion just feels like it doesn't work. The levels which make you split to stand on two buttons made me wish the split that moves had the gun, since if I shoot the gun the split might recoil off the button I placed him on, and if it was at least the other split who had the gun I could move to correct. On the other side, the shield enemies make it so you want the split that moves to not have the gun since it needs to draw attention. Feels like the split has been...split, haha. Not to be cynical, but I just feel like the split mechanic was shoved in there no reason other than faux novelty since it doesn't feel like the game gels with it both mechanically and thematically and it needs to make problems to justify its existence. Still, it could be really cool if fully fleshed out, and I still had an alright time with the game.

floor 15 is my limit ish. This is very hard and fun.


really cool game with a lot of great ideas !