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Reviews for "Madness:NightClubDISASTER"

As far as madness animations go this is up there with the best.

Great fight scenes, awesome camers movement, a nice assortment of colors, too animation, a good variety of graphics, and a bit of humor sprinkled in.

Around 7 and a half minutes a nail gun is being used.... Those dont work like that in real life... They need to have the head depressed against something to shoot lol.

This is one really horny collab lmao, I'm not sure why there's hentai on the wall in one of the scenes and why the fuck does the protagonist get tits halfway through the movie
plus there's a lot of parts that were definitely better than other ones
and the VCam was shaking all over the room sometimes (presumably to hide lazy animating on some of the walk cycles)

But that being said, despite all the flaws, I do kind of like the sheer craziness of the collab overall.
It's crazy enough to where despite some of the animation being badly done or lazy, I was still entertained all the way through watching the collab.
The different style of backgrounds was a nice addition too.

This was a lot of fun! I can't believe the rating is so low! It should be higher! This really did have some innovative stuff for it going. It's hard to find that in a "Madness Combat" cartoon. I thought the animation was great.

It was great to have some female characters. That may be a first! This was under judgement when I first saw it. I guess it's so long it was passed before I even finished watching it! You all worked so hard.

Just becuz salty was here

15 minutes of murder and general stupidity? Count me in...