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Reviews for "Madness:NightClubDISASTER"

Turns out this went waaay beyond just the nightclub. :) Props on keeping things consistent pretty much all the way through, even with varying scenery and strategies involved in the bashing/brawling/shooting/otherwise disposing of an impressive amount of enemies and innocent bystanders alike... he's got some stamina! The nightclub setting makes for some pretty cool lighting too.

Pleasure to watch through co-ordinated collabs like this. Awesome work all.


looks like using too many drugs


someone's been playing KATANA ZERO

This collab was alright, but felt like it had a bunch of wasted potential with most of the backgrounds feeling kinda bland and some of the animation doesn't fit in either. The music feels outta touch with a setting that a night club to be honest, some of the background's don't even feel like they belong in an actual night club. So to come to conclusion, it was meh but had a lot of wasted potential in my opinion. 5/10 (edit: after watching this collab over and over, I can say that this collab is alright, still think some of the animation is a bit of a mix but I can appreciate the effort that went into this collab so 4 stars not or a 6/10)